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Calling All Angels Mission has moved their thrift shop – Calling All Angels Thrift Shoppe – to to 214 E Harford Street in Milford, thanks to the support of members of the community and two organizations in particular.

Earlier in the year, after a financial crisis of sorts (expenses were quickly outstripping income), the Mission had to evaluate if they could keep the thrift shop open or not. With an outcry in the community that, as one patron stated, “you just can't close, you do so much good in the community”, the board of directors decided to look into other ways of staying open. But then their current location was no longer available for lease and they had three months to leave.

“We found ourselves in a quandary,” say Charles Reynolds, board secretary / treasurer. “We not only needed the shop to raise the money to help as many families ad individuals as we could, but it was our way of staying in touch with the needs of the our community. But we also knew that the cost of finding a new place was going to be a challenge.”

Enter Kim Emmet and Alex Hazzouri.

When Kim Emmet of Community Vocational Services, Inc. heard that the Mission was thinking of closing their thrift shop, after five and a half years of helping so many in a community, she said she had to step in and help.

Alex Hazzouri, Executive Director of The Advocacy Alliance, offered advice and support to help the nonprofit deal with their many challenges.

“Kim and Alex are a blessing,” says Lauren Anderson-Reynolds, the Executive Director of Calling All Angels. “There are people in this world who take the time to care, to help another person, and out of the goodness of their heart, give a beautiful gift that not everyone would do for a person they did not know. That's Kim and Alex. Two true angels.”

“Since the shop opened its doors in December of 2011,” Reynolds says on behalf of the Calling All Angels board. “The Mission has grown, reaching an area of four counties in each of the three states in the tri-state area, serving a population of over two and a half million people. From its humble beginnings of helping the local food pantry to its partnerships with other area nonprofits, government agencies, churches and community based groups, the Mission will continue to grow and continue to help our friends and neighbors in need. Due to the success of the thrift shop, Calling All Angels has helped hundreds of families and individuals during their times of need, and has helped raise awareness of the plights of hunger and homelessness in our area. The board of directors want to thank the community for its continued support of their Mission, all the donors and patrons of the shop, and the volunteers and staff, without all of whom the nonprofit could not continue to help those in our community in need. And we wish to give a special thank you to, Liz Steen, Kim Emmet and Alex Hazzouri for their invaluable assistance in a time when we were the ones in need.”

The new location, at 214 E Harford Street in Milford, PA. We were fully moved in by July 15. Now its time for us to have our Grand Re-Opening! So this coming Saturday, August 5th, from 10am to 5pm we will be holding our Grand Re-Opening Event to celebrate moving to our new digs! (To Find us, go to GOOGLE and type in the address: 214 E Harford Street Milford PA 18337.)

The event, publicized through Facebook, social media and via press releases to ALL the various news outlets in the area, will be a day of music, sales, food, fun and outreach! We will be having our famous 10 for $10 Clothing Bag Sale (which will not included any specially priced items – as is our usual policy)! There will be live music! We will have refreshments available! There will be specially priced to sell items on the first floor! And we will be sharing our Mission and our vision with everyone who comes through the door!


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We were hoping to hold off until we have more information. But it seems that concerns have fueled some rumors. So we are here to let everyone know what is happening so far, and separating fact from speculation.


Yes, it is true that we have been requested to vacate the space at 611 Broad Street in Milford – where we have resided for the past five and a half years.

No need to protest with the landlord (as some people have suggested). It is, after all, her building and she must do with it what is best for her. She is a business woman and this building is her business.

To that end, we had a decision to make. Do we move? Do we close the shop?

We thought long and hard on this decision.

If we close the shop, the Mission will still go on. The work that the nonprofit does is important, so there is no need to worry if we are going to stop helping people. That is NOT going to happen.

But if we close the shop, we realized that: 1) it would diminish the HOW of what we do here. The shop makes the money to fund the various projects and assistance work we do. 2) We would lose the daily face to face with the very people we are trying to help, trying to educate and trying to raise awareness of some very real difficulties our friends and neighbors are facing. 3) Our ability to help people RIGHT NOW with some of their needs would also be diminished.

SO with that in mind, we decided to start looking for alternative locations for the shop.


We looked at locations around the area, and even considered some in Port Jervis, NY. But those locations outside of Milford proper presented some real challenges.

How were we going to support the people who have come to depend on us that do not have reliable transportation? How were we going to coordinate with various other nonprofits and government agencies that are mainly located here in Milford? How much business would we lose from the foot traffic in Milford, especially during the height of the tourist season?

So we decided to look mainly in Milford. THIS was a challenge to us for several reasons. There is not a lot of space available in Milford that could house the shop. And some of the prices and landlords here also presented a huge issue for us. We have to try and operate on an austere operating budget in order to help as many families and individuals as we can.


Where we currently stand is that we are negotiating for a space, here in Milford. We do not currently HAVE a location but we are hoping and praying that things soon work out so that we can start planning our actual move.


Some very nice people who heard we might close down have come to offer their help. And we appreciate their efforts and look forward to working with them. We are not at liberty to say who right now, but rest assured once things are firmed up, we will be publicly thanking everyone who has come to help us.


Right now, we ask our friends, clients and patrons to do their part to help us make this move a smooth one. So there are a few things you can do to help us out.

1) We know some people are upset about the prospect of us closing our doors or ending our mission. Neither is true. So please, don't spread rumors about whether or not we are closing or moving or leaving the area. Refer people to this blog or our Facebook page for more information.

2) Keep shopping. We still have lots of things at the shop and will still have lots of things at the shop to buy. You buying helps us to continue the mission of helping those in need.

3) Keep donating. We are only taking a limited amount of items. But we ALWAYS need clothing (because we also give these to people in need free of charge). We are taking CDs, DVDs, small knick knacks and some limited small furniture. Just call or stop in and ask. (We are also accepting donations for our Winter Sheltering Fund. We need $4500 by October at a minimum.)

4) Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward on the next phase of our journey here at Calling All Angels Mission. (And keep us in mind that we will need some physical help when it comes time to actually move.)

5) Keep up with our updates on Facebook. We will try to keep everyone updated on where we are in the process.

Thank you all. For your patronage, your donations and your belief in us to be able to help our friends and neighbors in need.

Update on Project

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Press Release sent out today, June 9, 20`15.


Milford, PA – May 13, 2015 – Calling All Angels Mission announces a milestone with their Expansion Project.


Calling All Angels Mission, a non-profit which runs the Calling All Angels Thrift Shoppe in Milford, PA, began a plan to expand both its outreach and services early in the year. As part of the first phase in the project, the Mission was raising money in order to gain access to a grantmaker database.


The month long successful effort to raise the $999 needed for the Foundation Center database was accomplished with several fund raising programs. President of the board Lauren Anderson made “flower pens” and “Lower pens in vases” which were sold at the thrift store. Direct donations by patrons was also a big aspect of reaching the goal in a short time. There was also an art auction- with art donated by a couple of local residents – and a Bag Sale in the thrift shop. The latter saw the regular (and popular) Bag Sale price jump one dollar, with the extra dollar going to the expansion project.


“We did that,” says manager Charles Reynolds. “In order to not dip into sales income these sales generate that goes toward our outreaches. The store still receives the usual $15 for each sale, but the extra dollar goes toward the project to expand both the shop and the outreach – especially the the expansion of our educational aspect mentioned in our mission statement.”


The goal also received a final push when a patron came in to make a clothing to the shop and learned of the project. When Beth Moseley heard that Phase One needed $170 more to hit its goal, she immediately gave the money to the store manager.


“I felt like an angel walked into the room,” said Anderson of the donation by Moseley. “I started crying.”


The five phase project is to culminate in the establishment of the Calling All Angels Complex. On the site is planned a two-story multifunctional building – which will house a much larger thrift store space, proposed offices for Pike County Hands of Hope, classroom space, and more – a congregate dining hall and a multi-unit temporary housing to benefit clients of Pike County Hands of Hope.


Along with the art auction, there are other ongoing efforts to raise money for phase one: a GoFundMe site to continue to raise money (which can be found at ), items in the thrift shop where the sales go directly for the project, direct cash donations (which will all be reflected on the GoFundMe site) and a benefit concert is in the planning stage.


“Now comes the hard work for me,” said Reynolds, who is also the Secretary/Treasurer of the board. “I now need to identify grantmakers who match what we do and write the grant proposals. But it is worth it. Our community needs this.”


Information about the project can be found online at the Mission's website. (